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The Household of God Church welcomes everyone regardless of nationality, age or occupation. It is also suitable for people using wheelchairs.

Many people from over seven countries, including Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Mongolians, and Indonesians gather together to worship the same God, from small children to the elderly.  Please feel free to come and join us.

During Sunday services, you can listen to messages translated into Chinese and English.



2/24 Yoko Naito "Signs of the Time" Gospel Concert

We will be holding a concert by Yoko Naito, who sings the gospel with all her heart and soul. You will be moved by the delicate yet powerful singing and performance.
Admission is completely free, and we are collecting donations to support the areas affected by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake. Please feel free to invite us and come visit us. Anyone can enter, even first-timers.
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​You can also worship online.

For those who are not feeling well, those who are restricted from going out due to their job or facility, or those who live far away and have difficulty coming in person, we will be streaming the Sunday services and Mongolian services online (Zoom). going. If you would like to participate in online worship, please click below.inquiryPlease contact us at


​For those coming by car

Because many people come to the morning Sunday service, we have designated parking locations. There are only a few parking spaces available for first-time visitors, and they may fill up. note that. If the parking lot is full, please use a nearby coin parking lot.

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